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Girl Covers Mercedes-Benz CLS350 in Swarovski Crystals

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Update 9/10/15: More photos have been added.

Yesterday, you might never have heard of 21-year old Russian business student Daria Radionova, but today you will know her because of the off-the-wall modification made to her Mercedes-Benz CLS350.

Posted on her Facebook page Sept. 18 and 19 are pictures of her Mercedes, encrusted in one million Swarovski crystals. Yes, she is driving around one of the most dazzling automobiles in the world.

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According to a Sept. 22 article on, the project took two months to complete and cost her £20,000. The article also states that once she is done with the car and sells it, she will donate the money received to charity.

Below is also a video of the car, which was uploaded to her Instagram account Sept. 13.

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My baaaby))) sick!!!

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On the move 💎💎💎💎💎

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(Source: Facebook via Daily Mail)