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Flying Huntsman 105 Defender Pick Up Prototype by Kahn Design

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Last we heard from Afzal Kahn of Kahn Design, he had worked his magic on a late model Land Rover Defender 90, outfitting it with Harris Tweed and diamond stitched leather. In a May 14 press release, they formally announced a pickup version of their “Flying Huntsman.”

They have raised the bar again, this time starting with the Defender 90 pickup. Leaving no body panel untouched, they have added over 15” to the wheelbase by building a custom frame and all-new body panels. Initially, they offered the Flying Huntsman as a traditional hardtop.  For the Geneva Auto Show, they added a third axle to create a 6×6 version. If your sensibilities lie in practical pickups, the utility of a half-cab can’t be overlooked.

flyinghuntsman-105defender-051515 (3)

Under the longer bonnet lies a Chevrolet 6.2-liter V8 and six speed automatic. That level of power in such a small truck will translate into a virtually unstoppable off-road athlete. A modern suspension and big brakes were also fitted to keep the Huntsman shiny side up.

flyinghuntsman-105defender-051515 (8)

Kahn’s prowess in machining is shown in even the smallest detail. From the fabricated bumpers, to the billet pedals, not much of the original remains.  At this level of custom coachbuilding, the Flying Huntsman is no longer a Land Rover. This loophole would make importing much easier, and we hope to see them over here in the near future.

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Pricing is listed as starting at £58,875, or approximately $92,962 USD at the time of publication. This pricing does not include the country specific vehicle arrival tax. Sadly, there was no mention of a left-hand drive variant found in the release. That comes in cheaper than an Escalade, with just as much power and prestige. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more wild updates from Kahn Design.

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(Source: Kahn News/Kahn Design)

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