Aftermarket Ford Raptor

Fab Fours’ New Ford Raptor Bumper Adds Aggression

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Ford’s F-150 Raptor truck is an extreme beast in its own right, so it takes a truly notable modification to make a difference. Fab Fours’ new Aero Series Front Bumper is just that.

Recently revealed, this new ultra-light hybrid bumper gives the front of the Raptor an even more aggressive look than before. Each bumper is crafted from tube and plate steel and weighs in at just 45 lbs. Fab Fours also took aerodynamics into consideration and gave the bumper a sleek design that aids in ground clearance and air flow. In the center of the bumper is a cutout for a Rigid Industries 20-inch LED light bar. Fab Fours also offers the Aero Series bumpers with or without the pre-runner guard.

This new bumper may be an aftermarket piece, but it still follows the body lines of the truck and really accentuates the Raptor’s brawny appearance. For more information, click the button below.

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