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Corvette AeroWagen by Callaway

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Do you need more cargo space in your Stingray? If so, Callaway has your answer. The AeroWagen kit bolts in place of the rear hatch, and uses factory hinges and latch. Corvette wagons are nothing new, my previous workplace (Eckler’s Corvette) offered conversion kits since the early 70’s. Reeves Callaway and his team have been building Corvettes since 1973. Tinkering with turbochargers, he built the world’s fastest production car in 1988. The Sledgehammer twin turbo Corvette had air conditioning and a full interior and held the speed record of 254 mph until 1999. GM was so impressed with the quality, the Callaway package became a production option on the C4. As the owner of the world’s slowest C4, I will cover that story another day.

Designing wild body parts is also one of their specialties, and the carbon fiber AeroWagen can be yours for $14,990. Color matching and the upper spoiler are optional, but clear coated carbon looks good in any situation. It was supposed to be unveiled later this year at the National Corvette Museum, and in a video for Mother’s car care. CarScoops was able to find photos from the shoot, which took place at Chuckwalla raceway. Its time to trade in your C6, so check out our listings for your next Vette.

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