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Achieve A Classic Look: Raised Letters, Whitewalls and Redlines by Tire Stickers

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Searching far and wide for classic raised rubber white letter tires, whitewalls and redlines?  For decades, achieving this classic look meant spending 2-4x the cost of a standard tire or forgetting the look entirely since not all tire sizes were available.

At last, Tire Stickers® offers the cost effective solutions to customizing any vehicle with raised lettering or colored sidewalls. The do-it-yourself kits can be applied to any tire to complete your vehicle’s look, check out the video above for details on the DIY application process.  Not comfortable installing yourself? Now Tire Stickers® even offers professionally installed, pre-lettered, new tires at low warehouse pricing!

Tire Stickers Tire Types

Check out Tire Stickers online, visit the Los Angeles location or a distributor in your region, or email info@tirestickers.com for more details on tire customization for any vehicle.

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Also be sure to check out the official distributor page as well to learn more about offering Tire Stickers products:

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