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Chalmers Automotive Custom Sprinters

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Every person has a different lifestyle defined by different needs. In order to fulfill these needs, we purchase items that help make our lives easier, whether it’s a simple household appliance, or a luxury car or van, and sometimes those items need a little tweaking to make sure the perfectly fit their role. Here to help you fulfill your needs is Chalmers Automotive, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Preferred Upfitter.

Chalmers Automotive builds custom Sprinter vans from the ground up based on your needs, including capacity, features and more.

Looking for a vehicle that will take your tailgating to the next level? They offer custom tailgating vans that create your ideal party zone, featuring big screen TVs, drink stations, booth seating and more.


For those who find themselves spending more time moving on the road than parked, there’s the luxury Sprinter option. Every custom luxury recreational Mercedes Sprinter they create is designed to your exact specification, with nothing out of the box or standard. The hardwood floors, fine leathers and latest technology of their luxurious Sprinters will provide you with an extravagant ride that is second-to-none.


The tailgate and luxury Sprinter conversions are only two of the many types of conversions that Chalmers Automotive offers. Among their other options are limousine vans, mobile offices, handicap conversions and downright unique one-off builds.

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