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Cerebrum Tire Sensors Are The Future of TPMS

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If you are reading this, you have probably had issues with tire sensors. While they do keep you safe, they are problematic at best. That is why Cerebrum Sensors are the future of TPMS.

About the size of a silver dollar, they are glued to the inside tread, and they can be easily moved to new rubber when its time. Sure, they transmit pressure and they are compatible with most factory systems. The genius is that they record tread depth, temperature, alignment, and provide tire performance analytics. 

Cerebrum Sensors even offer an ‘Advanced Mode’ which records Sessions (on-road or track) and provide recommended tire pressure adjustments to optimize performance; it’s like your personal race coach!

This Los Angeles startup is the brainchild of a few engineers wanting more data about their tires and tired of the annoying warnings from flaky factory sensors. The beauty of their customer service is that your tire data is continuously uploaded to the cloud. This does require an iPhone, but the money you will save is worth it.

The 4-pack includes sensors, mounts, and glue, which can be easily installed by any reputable tire shop. Or, tell Cerebrum what make and size you need, and they install the sensors and ship to your shop or home. The system will be formally unveiled at SEMA in booth 50019 in the Performance Pavilion Hall. Pre-orders have already started and orders will begin shipping in January 2020. I have my set reserved, so stay with us for a full review of this ingenious system.