Bugatti on a Budget? Quad Turbo LS-Powered Camaro

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Imitation is the best form of flattery, so what happens when a Camaro enthusiast bestows his classic ride with four turbos? Quad turbo builds are nothing new, a decade ago my friend Mike Moran added a four pack to his pro-mod 2002 Camaro to make 2,139 hp and 1,926 lb-ft of torque. Taking inspiration from one of the fastest door slammers in the world along with Bugatti’s approach to forced induction, the team at 1320 video shows us a 2nd Generation Camaro in the quest for a 10-second pass. Junkyard builds have become lately due to the durability of the late-model LS series V8 engines and the abundance of turbocharged cars piling up for salvage. The Borg Warner K03 turbo is a conservative 48 mm unit that is found under the hood of many small sporty cars. It is stock equipment on GM’s EcoTec series of four-cylinder engines that inhabit everything from the Fisker Karma to the Vanderhall Laguna.

Some of the fastest street cars on earth showed up at Lonestar Dragway, owned by Hennessey Performance. Street car take over Houston 2016 was an exciting showcase of late-model muscle and classic quarter-mile machines. This low-budget build was complete with Shop-Vac hose for the intakes and a used 6.0 liter V8 that was probably donated from a Silverado or Escalade. Essentially a cast iron version of the Corvette’s aluminum block, it is the most popular choice in late-model engine swaps. Spinning up four small turbos is easier than two big ones, and having four waste gates allows for more precise boost control. This Camaro is obviously a force to be reckoned with, so we hope to see it deep into the 10’s in the near future. Consistency is the name of the game in bracket racing, so you might be shocked at how this classic ride delivers proven performance. Stay with us for more wild drag racing action.

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