Aftermarket Brabus For Sale G-Class

First 2016 BRABUS G800 (1 of 1) in U.S. for Sale

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When it comes to unlocking more power from German engines, BRABUS does it best. The automotive world was shocked when Mercedes-AMG released a twin-turbo V8 powered G Wagen back in 2012. The potent powertrain was found in the 6×6 and it made for blistering acceleration. For a rare few, V8 engines are not acceptable in any circumstance. AMG has been building potent V12 engines for decades. Found under the hood of the S and SL Class, we never expected to see it crammed into an SUV. Power-hungry AMG engineers somehow fit the big V12 along with its twin turbos into a space that it wasn’t designed for.

The Mercedes-AMG G65 offers 612 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. Power of that magnitude in a sports car would decimate almost anything on the road, and it has three locking differentials. Looking at the numbers, any gearhead will notice that torque outclasses horsepower by 126. That means the engine’s true potential is being choked by limited intake and exhaust flow. BRABUS knows that horsepower and torque should be on-par with each other, so they decided to reverse-engineer the beast. Mercedes-AMG engineers didn’t overlook anything in the design, and there are several reasons for limiting the output.

Insurance companies are scared by big numbers. An unrestricted twin-turbo V12 is dangerous to irresponsible drivers. The third reason to to keep the premium power for their sedans and black-series models. Back atBRABUS, the original intake and exhaust systems were scrapped. Starting over, hand-fabricated headers feed big BRABUS turbos, each with their own custom cold air box. Only four air-to-water intercoolers are used to remove heat from the intake. External wastegates dump into mandrel bent BRABUS active exhaust. Dual 3″ pipes have high-flow cats to meet emissions and end in slash-cut tips in front of the right rear tire. On the dyno, the BRABUS G800 made 800 horsepower and 1,047 lb-ft of torque. Power of that level will destroy transmissions, axles, and almost everything. So the computer is tuned to limit the torque to only 811 lb-ft.

Riding on forged one-piece 23″ billet wheels, you will have several times the power of other SUVs. Needless to say, this is the only G800 in the US. The carbon fiber hood and wide body kit are taken directly from the prototype, so you won’t ever see anything like it on this continent. Think of all the fun you could have pulling your nosy neighbor’s house off its foundation, or challenging a bulldozer to tug-of-war. No task is too mighty for this wild machine, so if you need more info please click on the link below.

2016 Brabus G800 For Sale