Aftermarket Brabus S-Class

Brabus Unveils the Rocket 900 Cabrio

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You can’t deny the appeal of the S-Class, especially in a 2-door configuration. The world was shocked when AMG decided to work their magic to build S63 versions, complete with twin turbos and AWD. None in the automotive world could have foreseen an S65 Cabrio. The twin turbo V12 makes 738 lb-ft of torque and a modest 621 horsepower. These numbers would be completely satisfactory for those who enjoy acceleration. 

But a few of us are not happy in knowing that power has been left on the table. A big V12 makes big power. To keep it ahead of any competitors, AMG endows it with modest turbochargers.

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Brabus has decades of experience from creating the ultimate examples of Mercedes-AMG products. By reverse engineering and scrutinizing every line of code and every minute detail, the Brabus Rocket 900 Cabrio is the world’s most powerful convertible. 

In order to deliver 900 horsepower and 1,106 lb-ft of torque, they took a page from the history book. The S65 arrives with a 6.0L V12, which is a de-stroked version of the 6.3L that was used in previous versions of the S63 and CL63 AMG. New exhaust manifolds flow into big turbos and out to 3.1″ (80mm) downpipes. No longer a bottom-breather, new cold air boxes are mounted behind the gloss black grille. They are coated in gold to reflect heat and sealed to a duct in the hood. 

The 7-speed automatic transmission was beefed up with recalibrated shift points and the electronic differential was replaced with a mechanical one. The new rear gears will only allow 40% of slip before locking, so hang on for drift mode. All body parts are available in naked carbon, high-gloss or any color imaginable. Optional  22″ wheels have 255mm tires up front and 295mm out back. Pricing for the new Rocket will be formalized after the Frankfurt Auto Show, so stay with us for all your Brabus updates.