Aftermarket Brabus G-Class

Brabus Unveils 700 4×4² “one of ten” Final Edition

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Everyone is in love with the new G-Class because it is the first full redesign since 1977. But we will certainly miss the Brabus Mercedes-AMG 4×4², as the factory has announced it will not transition on to the new 2019 chassis. That’s because the suspension and portal-axles are unlike any other production vehicle.

Collectors are fighting to get their hands on the last examples, but Brabus beat everyone to the punch. They have acquired the last 10 examples from AMG, and each one is getting every upgrade imaginable. The Brabus 700 4×4² “one of ten” Final Edition is the last we’ll see of the legendary 5.5-liter twin turbo V8. It has a lineage going back several decades before it was replaced by the 2019 reverse-flow turbo designs.

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Our late friend Bodo Buschman and his team learned how to squeeze the block to its limits, so it offers 700 horsepower and 708 lb-ft of torque. It will have you at 62 mph in 5 seconds with a top speed limited to 130 to save the all-terrain tires. The new Brabus suspension includes dual coil overs with 15% more oil capacity than the stock units. They offer active dampening and are controlled by Brabus’ proprietary touch control panel. You can adjust ride-height on-the-fly for over 2 feet of ground clearance!

A hand-sewn black & brown leather is accessed by powered running boards. Buyers can choose from carbon fiber or noble wood trim for the ultimate in luxury. The upgraded turbos generate more heat, so Brabus covers the hood and firewall in 24k gold, the best heat reflector ever made. These ten SUVs are the last 4×4², so click the link below to find a Brabus dealer near you.