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BRABUS Rocket 900 Exhaust & Acceleration Sounds

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Turbochargers are truly magical devices. Not only do they add power by pressurizing the intake of an engine, they also act as a muffler. By forcing the exhaust gas to spin a turbine after it exits the combustion chamber, much of the rasp and harsh engine noises are eliminated. Any exhaust restriction after the turbo will hinder its ability to breath, so it takes significant engineering to design a free-flowing system for turbocharged cars.


This is where BRABUS has once again raised the bar.

First introduced March 2, the BRABUS Rocket 900 is an uncompromising interpretation of the Mercedes-AMG S65 Sedan. They are able to push the bi-turbo V12 to 900 hp and a limited 884 lb-ft of torque by adding larger turbos along with the necessary intake and exhaust systems. Since variable exhausts are all the rage, the Rocket 900 comes fitted with a dual mode system.

With innovative programming of the steering wheel controls, the driver can select between mellow and angry. In a YouTube video uploaded July 20, below, you can see the new Rocket 900 and hear the differences between open and closed.

This driver has a rewarding career, as he and the Brabus develop some of the world’s most powerful production cars. Hopefully a version of this exhaust will be released for owners of S Class sedans and coupes who are looking to add some personality and performance to their cars. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more Brabus and AMG updates.

(Source: YouTube, Images courtesy of BRABUS)  

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