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BADD GT: Own Your Own Record-Breaker

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A true gearhead is someone who is never satisfied. Always on the hunt for more power, money and time are the only limiting factors to keep them from pushing the envelope further. Johnny Bohmer, the proprietor of Performance Power Racing in West Palm Beach, bought a Centennial White Ford GT on June 21, 2006. His long history of racing and innovation led him to immediately disassemble the car with the intention of building the fastest street car in the world.

Superchargers are great for street applications, and they actually add a few MPG in most instances. For top speed racing, they can’t spin fast enough to meet the demands of a modified engine and they actually become a restriction to the intake, so Johnny ditched them in favor of two large turbos. He christened his car the “BADD GT.” Since late 2006 it has been raising the bar for top speed in the standing mile as Johnny and his team discovered the limits of every original component of the Ford GT. Axles, transmissions, clutches and head gaskets repeatedly failed, prompting the engineering department at Performance Power Racing to make a decision.


They could accept that the upgraded aftermarket parts they were using were the strongest available, and lower the engine’s power to protect them, or they could take the path less traveled and develop a host of stronger components that can take the abuse. Johnny’s answer was along the lines of, “Turn down for what?” They took the road less traveled and began to manufacture their own components in-house. A new dual-disk clutch system was designed, and the transmission had to be heavily revised. The axles and flanges were machined of case-hardened steel to produce a bulletproof drivetrain. These indestructible parts are still available for purchase from PPR.


Between March of 2010 and fall of 2012, the BADD GT became the first street car to reach 250 mph, and 267 mph in the standing mile. By October of 2012, the car was creating 1700 HP at the rear wheels and was prepped for another record breaking run. Guinness World Records was invited to NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility to officiate the run. In one mile, the BADD GT reached 283.232 mph and entered the record books as the world’s fastest street car.

The original BADD GT inspired Performance Power Racing to develop the “BADD GT series.” It is stronger, faster and lighter than the original version of the Badd GT.

The BADD GT series, the fastest car ever offered for sale, is without equal.

For more information on how to purchase your own BADD GT, call (561) 371-7556 or email

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