Back & Better Than Ever: Customizable, Factory-Lettered Tires

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Presented by Tire Stickers

After years of development and collaboration with motorsports teams and tire brands, the Tire Stickers®team is proud to announce the launch of completely customizable, factory-lettered tires! Whether you are looking for your favorite brand in raised white letters, whitewall or redline tires for a classic look or want to add a custom design and color to the sidewall, Tire Stickers® is a one-stop-shop.

Tire Stickers® stocks dozens of brand name tires in hundreds of sizes at low warehouse pricing.  All of the tires are available with the option of adding tire lettering, pre-installed at the factory prior to pick-up or shipment.  Wheel and tire combinations can also be purchased along with the tire letter option for a fully finished look.  All of the factory installed packages come with warranty and take 3-5 business days to ship.  For a custom quote, visit the link below or call 424-272-0321 to speak to a representative!

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For the do-it-yourself type, Tire Stickers®offers tire lettering kits available online.  These tire letter kits are manufactured, curved to your specific tire, and include adhesive and the application instructions for a simple installation.  For more detail, check out Tire Stickers online, visit the Los Angeles locationor email for more details on tire customization for any vehicle.

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Be sure to check out the official distributor page as well to learn more about offering Tire Stickers products:

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