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Alpha Omega GT-R Break Quarter Mile Record

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The beginning of October was a tale of perseverance for the team at AMS/ALPHA Performance. They had made arrangements to take the GT-R Omega to the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, on Oct. 6 and break the record for fastest quarter mile in a R35 GT-R.

When the day came, they slapped the AMS 15″ slicks on the Omega and readied it at the starting line. The light turned green and the car was off. However, the timing system was was not reading correctly, and what seemed like a record breaking pass was rendered moot. As they waiting for the system to be fixed, heavy Texas storms rolled in, dashing away any hopes of a record that day.

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The team decided to stay in town for another day and have another go at it. As dawn broke, the storm was replaced with a scorching Texas sun. With the Omega GT-R already prepared from the day before, they pulled it up to the line and waited. The green light was lit and the car was off. As it passed the quarter mile line, the team awaited for the results.

7.700 seconds at 186.51 mph.

With these results, the Omega was once again re-established as the quickest and fastest R35 GT-R in the world.

Be sure to check out the video above, uploaded to YouTube Oct. 14 by ThatRacingChannel, and see the run yourself.

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(Source: ThatRacingChannel / YouTube)