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2017 Ford Raptor 5.11 Tactical For Sale

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Society has collapsed a few times in human history. Great civilizations like Egypt, Babylon, and Rome dissapeared so quickly that many who were unprepared were decimated. That is why Preppers have been growing in number. Our friends at 5.11 Tactical are suppliers for Law Enforcement and the Armed Forces, so it was only natural to offer their rugged products to civilians. 

To showcase their abilities in the automotive world, they transformed a 2017 Ford Raptor into the ultimate survival rig. If I woke up tomorrow with zombies at my window, I would be thankful for this truck. The sum total of the parts is over $225,000, not considering the time it took to build. Anderson composites supplied the carbon fiber fenders and hood. Under them is a 5.11 grille, and  fabricated bumper. It incorporates stainless steel wires to the roof rack to protect the windshield from impacts. 

Fenix LED lights are everywhere and they are protected by steel in most areas. SPA Technique supplied a 10-lb fire suppression system with their auto/manual thermal block. It can be activated by a handle in the center console, or by the 173* automatic switch. It is plumbed with hard lines to critical areas on the truck should you encounter a hot situation. 

Rotiform offered their CCV-OR 20″ forged beadlock wheels (including the spare) wrapped in 37×12.50″ Coopers. A Decked bed storage tray holds two SPA HHex 2kg fire extinguishers along with ample room for food and water. The tubular roll bar serves as a large storage tank for the onboard Viair 400C compressor. It has quick-disconnects at multiple spots to run air tools or quickly inflate tires. It also holds four tactical cases from 5.11. Above them are two Gryphon BrakeN’Rake entry tools that are more medieval than a battleax.  

Inside you are treated to Katzkin leather on the seats and door panels. An AEM CD-7 auxiliary instrument display is mounted in the center of the dash to display everything happening under the hood. That is because the Jet-Hot coated Corsa exhaust is bolted to twin TurboSmart wastegates. Allowing the turbos to spin up faster is critical when you need to get out of a bad situation. A Cobb handheld tuner is included if you need more power, but the tune has never been uploaded to the truck. This SEMA star is up for sale by our friends at Pagani Newport Beach, so click the link below for all the wild details!