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1956 American Classic is Fun For All Ages

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Cities around our Nation are adding provisions for LSV or Low-Speed Vehicles. Registration is simple and they are a great alternative if you need to run errands or visit a neighbor. But nowhere in the legislation does it say they have to be boring.

Mini Cars Incorporated saw an opportunity to read between the lines, and their first model is the 1956 American Classic. It is inspired by one of the most attractive American cars ever made, albeit with better build quality than the original.

Sixty years of advancement in fiberglass technology have yielded a modern, vacuum-bagged body. It is an exact 2/3rd-scale replica. This includes the smallest details like the grille teeth and interior trim.

Capable of 55 mph, the power can be dialed by adjusting the throttle stop on the carburetor. Under the trunk lid is a 107cc air-cooled 4-stroke, the chain-driven rear axle has better suspension than any car from 1956. The tube-frame chassis is powder-coated and gusseted to keep you safe for years.

You will have adjustable coil-over shocks at each corner. This will allow you to corner-weight the car for you or your passengers for incredible grip. The 12-volt accessories include electric start, headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. The fuel system is gravity-fed, so you will never see a “Check Engine” light. Every car is covered by a 10-year warranty, bumper 2 bumper.

A sequential transmission can be shifted at any speed, it has 3 forward gears, neutral and reverse with an illuminated gear indicator. Downshifting into a curve offers hours of drifting fun. The pedal box is adjustable from 4′ kids to 6’1″ adults, so it grows along with the driver. Given the price of the original ’56 Roadsters, this car is a deal at $14,995. Click the button above to view their current inventory, or order yours in time for the Holidays.