Tony Starks ‘NSX’ Worth $10 Million

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One of the first glimpses that we got of the brand new Acura NSX was in the movie, The Avengers. First reactions were mixed, but we could all agree that it looked expensive as hell, and boy were we right.

Honda decided they would put a sticker price on Tony Stark’s roadster concept, and I will say that Tony Stark is probably the only person that would buy a car at this price. Part of the price comes from its fuel source. This car is powered by Palladium, a very rare metal that is used in catalytic converters, electronics, fuel cells and much more. It also gets 234 mpg in city driving and 302mpg highway.

For all of this, you will have to fork out $9,918,000.

Of course, the car is fictional and you’ll never have this NSX powered by Palladium, but we can wish. But would the price of Palladium be too much? I have no clue.