Acura NSX – Ready for the Light of Day?

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We know this much about the new Acura NSX: we know it is a super revamp of the Acura NSX manufactured from 1991 until 2005. We know that the revival of this advanced sports car concept came to an abrupt halt in 2008 with the looming global economic crisis, and we know that, despite the world economy, Honda’s CEO decided in 2010 to go ahead and light the burners under the development pot by announcing that the Acura NSX would return to production within the next three years.

Photo by: Joseph Brent

The all-new Acura NSX was recently shown at the New York Auto Show, but is still shrouded in mystery and actual specs remain a fiercely-protected secret. It was shown in Beijing and Detroit this year as well, but the New York Auto Show gave the world the best look at the supercar yet.

Other tangibles we have gleaned so far are that the NSX will feature a mid-mounted, direct-injection V6 Honda engine that’s paired with a dual-clutch automatic transmission that features a Bilateral Torque Adjustable Control System where one motor sends power to the rear wheels while the other two power the front axle, resulting in superior handling by shuttling torque from left to right. We also know that the new Acura NSX is a 2-door “environmentally friendly” sports coupe that keeps a high tech platform made from lightweight materials under its skirt.

Photo by: Joseph Brent

No, we don’t know much about the Acura NSX specifications: no horsepower, no torque ratios, no zero-to-sixty stats. Those numbers remain shrouded until Honda can get that baby out on a test track and put it through its paces. How much is the Acura NSX? No idea. But we do know that there are already buyers lined up and patiently waiting for the sun to shine.

Article by: P.A. Remmell