2015 Honda NSX Will Be Produced in the USA

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Frankly, I still thought the 2017 Honda NSX was a pipe dream, but it seems as though Honda has announced that they will be producing this vehicle in the United States. More specifically, they will be built in their new Performance Manufacturing Center located in Ohio. Altogether, the project will cost Honda $70 million, which consists of transforming 184,000 of warehouse space into the supercar’s new birthplace.

“Thirty years ago, building cars in America was a big dream. Working together, here in Ohio and across North America we turned this dream into reality,” said Hidenobu Iwata, Honda of America’s CEO. “The location of this facility is in the midst of one of the greatest collections of engineering and production talent in the world. So it makes sense that we will renew the dream and build this high-tech, supercar in Marysville, Ohio.”