Acura Launches NSX Concept Colorizer

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Information on the all-new 2016 Acura NSX is coming in quite rarely, but to ease our suspicions a bit, Acura has released a new campaign based around the upcoming supercar. This “colorizer” campaign allows you to take the NSX concept and finish it in any color you’d like. And when I say any color, I really mean it. Check out these examples:

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To start off, here is a sexy NSX finished in dark red. Attractive? I like to think so. 


Next, we have this green finish that I randomly came across. For some reason, this shade always looks attractive to me. I would top it off with a nice tan leather and alcantara in the cabin. 


And of course, I have to include the obligatory pink finish. You know there is someone out there who would actually do this. 


I tried as hard as I could to create an unattractive NSX, but to no avail. Yes, the pink one is a bit off-the-walls, but not many would say its an ugly color. Frankly, just about any shade looks gorgeous on the new NSX. Have an idea for an ugly color? Be sure to visit their Facebook page and give it a shot. If you succeed in creating an ugly one, share it in the comments below.