Carroll Shelby passes away at 89


Carroll Shelby, the man who transformed the American auto industry, has died at age 89.  He passed away yesterday at Baylor Hospital in Dallas.  His cause of death was not disclosed.

He was always known for reinventing the automobile and creating monsters of cars such as the Shelby Cobra.  Shelby is also releasing the Shelby 1000, a Mustang with over 1000hp that joins the 200mph club.

Carroll Shelby will be missed immensely in the automotive world and our condolences go out to his family.


Update: Shelby had been in the hospital for several weeks, suffering from pneumonia.



  • ian wilson

    Carroll was such an influence to my life and I was privileged enough to meet him. What a legacy. What a man. The name Shelby will live for ever. Thank you Carroll, rest in V8 peace, ian

  • Rick

    From the time I was a young boy I watched Mr. Shelby racing (and winning) some of the most prestigious motor sports events of record. I’ve idolized him for as long as I can remember, and still hold a great admiration for his many achievements. Having once owned a ’68 Shelby GT350, I consider myself lucky to have become a distant “relative” through that ownership. I was fully able to appreciate his company’s ability to outperform every customizer in class…each and every time I stepped on the gas.

    Carroll Shelby will surely be missed. God speed and rest well, Carroll…you are truly loved and admired by many.

  • gloria

    carroll shelby was truly a great man he will be greatly missed…thank you for your beautiful cars….your great visions ..

  • JimB

    He marketed a really great chili mix too…

    Not to cry folks, perhaps we’ll have some great rides to tour the streets paved with gold once Carroll teams up with Billy Mitchell and John Z. Ah… yesssss… I can see it now… V12’s, twin turbos, direct fuel injection, water/ethanol injection, 6-speed manual transmissions… and an eternal supply of 100 octane no-lead… every traffic light separated by a minimum of 1600 feet of laser straight pavement, and all the hairpin curves have 100 foot wide paved outside shoulders… all the burger joints have circular parking-lots with covered parking and girls in mini-skirts… ain’t it grand?

    I’ll be the guy on the skate board…